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Steve Bisson: Emotional Management Coaching For Your Business Success

“Emotions impact your performance and wellbeing. I'll teach you how to manage them."

Let’s learn all that while taking care of our physical health too! 

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Emotional Management Can Help

Emotions translate everywhere – our personal growth, business expansion, and relationships. 

The truth is, many of us don’t know what we’re feeling. And when we do, we choose the easiest one for us, the emotion that feels the most acceptable and the one we are most comfortable. We take personal baggage into the workplace, bring workplace stressors home to our loved ones – it’s exhausting. 

When you work with me as your emotional management coach, I’ll help you identify the emotion and manage them so you can achieve your goals and make sure to be present emotionally where we go.

My Style Is Built On Honest, Real, Change

I am Steve Bisson, an emotional management coach that helps identify emotions individually and create better response skills. I have 20+ years experience in the mental health field and have worked with over 9000 clients from every walk of life.

I truly believe mental health needs to be better understood and valued. We can use our emotional management to grow as individuals, businesses, and society. Anyone can personally or professionally benefit from emotional management support. And let’s do it with some humor!

“Steve is super relatable and down-to-earth. He isn’t afraid to say something is bullshit if it is and I’ve never once felt judged. 10/10 would recommend.”

“Aside from providing high-quality care, Steve is a wonderful human being, I hope you know how much your guidance has helped me. Thank you again for everything.”

While emotions are very helpful and vital, they can take a toll on your interpersonal relationships when not properly identified and managed. Believe me, I‘ve been there and understand more than you can imagine.

Taking this step means you have identified an issue…and that’s the best place to start. We’ll take it step by step, you and I, until your emotions no longer rule your life. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s achievable and worth it. Before you know it,  you’ll be back in charge and know how to handle both the positive and the challenging aspects of your emotions.

My Packages

Helping you achieve this balance is my ultimate goal. I offer;

Emotional management affiliated email texts

Bi weekly emotional management texts to help you think through potential obstacles

Coaching twice a month and texting weekly

One coaching session per month combined with text prompts to support you on all ends. 

Personal coaching sessions twice a month

Two personalized coaching sessions/month to get to the emotional route of your challenges

The Finding Your Way Through Therapy Podcast

Checkout  my  weekly podcast discussing mental health and psychological topics, with guests sharing stories about their journey as a bonus to consulting with me. Do you value your mental health as much as you value your physical health? This is the podcast for you!

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