About Steve Bisson

Let me help you manage your emotions

Through my work, I’ve seen that the majority of feuds, breakdowns, and resentments at work are a result of emotional mismanagement and misinterpretation. I have always been keen to know and understand what triggers certain emotions and how that impacts our decisions.

I somehow discovered I help people solve these problems naturally, which has led to growth in their professional and personal lives. It was here I discovered my passion for emotional management coaching. I mean, why help a few when I can impact so many lives?

What is emotion management?

Simply put, Emotional management is a type of coaching that helps you understand better, accept, regulate, and express emotion. When you truly get your emotions, it becomes almost effortless to make those terrifying decisions.

Who am I?

With over two decades of experience, ten years of private practice, expertise and empathy, I’m dedicated to helping you identify and connect with your diverse emotions regardless of gender, and story.

I’m Steve, and I’m your personal consultant. I am passionate and dedicated to helping you  – I’m your made-to-order passionate advisor. I will help you resolve emotional problems that are troubling you. We will approach the problem with an action plan created for you instead of a general one suited for the masses. 

As the name of my mental health practice implies, I am straight to the point and leave no stone unturned where your emotions are involved. No BS, no gimmicks. You’ll hear exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it. There is also a touch of humor to make sure to that it stays in your brain

Who am I?

Since everyday and and emotions are pretty linked, day-to-day decisions and emotions can be blurred. Emotional decisions can cause relationship and business issues when issues from the workplace are brought home or vise versa. 

My goal is to help you separate business hurdles from your personal life so you don’t ‘kick the dog’ after a bad day at work. You’ll learn to manage different settings with different mindsets, so business and personal affairs don’t impact one another. If you’re ready to make decisions impulse-free and not let your emotions take over, I am the coach for you.

“Mental health is JUST as important as physical health. They should coexist."

I love working with Steve, he’s helped me so much and I’ve built a trusting relationship over the 2.5 or so years I’ve known him.

I began working with Steve during one of the darkest times of my life. He has guided me through that with kindness and expertise, and I will forever be grateful for him.

Through coaching with me, you’ll receive…


I strongly believe that understanding and managing emotions create room for personal development and change.


The end product of identifying your emotional states is clearer decision-making for your career and personal life.

Ready to enhance your business & your life?

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