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Emotional Management Coaching

Let me guide you through emotional and mental wellness for improved productivity.

Do you want to better identify your emotions so that it can clear up your decision-making skills? Check out my coaching packages for tailored support no matter where you are on your journey. And along the way, we will find ways to use humor to help you in a positive way!

How are you feeling?

Let’s Work Together To Untangle Those Feelings!

Your emotions are complex...

And also – really hard to understand. 

Your emotions are complex…and really hard to understand. You may feel disappointed, fearful, and a little bit of shame all at the same time. But which do you identify with?

Those decisions don’t just impact you, but also impacts those around you.

Take Control Of Your Emotions

Everyone wants to get better at identifying and managing emotions to improve their lives. By learning emotional management, you can identify the key features of your emotional reactions, how to manage them, and be better equipped to identify the multiple emotions that occur when we are more aware of these emotions and how they motivate us.

I offer amazing packages that can help you through this process;

Emotional Management Texting Services Only



Text-only questions for emotional management twice a week. You will get questions on how you define emotions, how you address emotions, and at least one response to each question you answer. This coaching package starts at $300 per month. 

Text & Coaching once a month



This package provides you text prompts twice weekly and coaching sessions twice every month.  These sessions are to last 30 minutes and start at $700 per month.

Personal Coaching sessions twice a month



Wholesome 45 minute coaching sessions twice every month. I approach problems individually because what works for you might not work for the next person. During our first meetings, we focus on knowing you

3 and 6 month packages available upon request

All packages allow us to spend quality time tackling challenges you encountered between our consultations

We get to talk about…

How you are feeling

What feeling you are leaning towards

Which feelings you think you should lean on

And why? 

I listen to your current problems, we brainstorm on them together, and know how that particular problem is affecting your day-to-day activities and what you want to get out of coaching!

Learn to acknowledge your emotions!

These are only a tip of the iceberg and there are many more these packages can offer!

My Happy Clients

Great therapist and coach, love working with Steve, he’s helped me so much and I’ve built a trusting relationship over the 2.5 or so years I’ve known him!

Keep up the amazing work you do! You’ve made a huge impact on my life and I’m POSITIVE I’m not the only one! Thank you for being so flexible and for always challenging my negative thoughts!

I feel that Steve offers a well balance array of options to help guide through some really tough issues and helped me feel more comfortable!

Why Work With Me?

Identifying and managing your emotions is rocket science.. And what you need is a professional with the experience and the action plan to get you results. I have been a;

  • Mental health counselor for 19 years
  • Substance use counselor for over 20 years  
  • Telehealth worker for 9 years
  • Crisis team worker for 15 years

I’ve seen all types of emotions – the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. Let’s be real, not all emotions are pretty. But once you understand them, you’ll be limitless. 

Let's Work Together

Ready to begin your journey towards emotional management?