Finding Your Way Through Therapy 102: #102 Firefighters, Their Unique Challenges And Opportunities To Heal Their Mental Health

In this episode, we welcome two firefighters, a returning guest Eric Knox, as well as a new guest, Brian Harkins. They discuss how the support system for mental health for firefighters, including peers, health care providers, as well as family. Brian and Eric explain why it can be isolating to do their jobs despite having many colleagues on your shift and the trauma involved in their work, including what they see and what they don't see, such as cancer risks. 

Brian Harkins is an Army Veteran who has worked in fire services as a firefighter/paramedic for over 20 years. He runs a Zoom group for first responders, as well as a soon to be released documentary on his journey. He can be reached at 774-766-0852. His email is 

Eric Knox is a firefighter/EMT in Massachusetts for the past 24 years. Eric has earned a degree in fire science and business marketing. He is also a full-time dad to his son and daughter.

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