Finding Your Way Through Therapy 103: #103 Unlocking Wellness: Sobriety, Mindfulness, and the Power of Community

What does it take to overcome substance use, find peace through mindfulness, and create connections that transcend regional boundaries? Join us as we chat with  the two hosts of the podcast “laughing Without Liquor” , Lane Kennedy and Tamar Medford, who share their insights on sobriety, mental health, and the power of community.

Discover the fascinating world of DNA testing and how understanding your genetic profile can lead to personalized changes that support your mental health and wellness. Lane and Tamar discuss the importance of working with a practitioner to interpret results and make meaningful changes in your life. We also explore meditation and mindfulness as accessible tools for managing mental health and why these practices are often overlooked in our educational systems.

In this heartfelt conversation, we reflect on the power of finding community and being kind to one another. Lane and Tamar share insights on how collective support can help us break free from the darkness and embrace a more fulfilling life. Don't miss this candid and enlightening discussion that's sure to leave you inspired and ready to take on the challenges of life with renewed energy and purpose.

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