Finding Your Way Through Therapy 105: #105 Season 8 Recap: Memorable Conversations and Inspiring Stories in the World of Therapy

What an incredible journey it has been throughout Season 8 of Finding Your Way Through Therapy! We kicked off with Michelle LaRoe Alves discussing the often-taboo topic of sex therapy, and finished strong with a powerful conversation on change. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about some of the most memorable conversations and heartwarming stories from this season.

From inspiring stories like Pavel Yityal's experience with his wife's paralysis to fascinating insights shared by Gordon Brewer on therapy, group practices, and spirituality, this season has truly demystified therapy and its impact on our lives. We also want to give a shoutout to our amazing guests during our special 100th episode week, including Courtney Romanowski, Bill Dwinnells, Susan Rogendorf, Stephanie Simpson, Anna Meyer, Morgan Beard, and Pat Rice. Their unique perspectives, experiences, and stories have enriched our podcast and provided valuable insights to our listeners. So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and join us as we relive the highlights of Season 8. Stay tuned for the announcement of our most downloaded episode in Episode 106, and make sure to like, subscribe, and follow us on your favorite platform to stay updated on all things therapy!

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