Finding Your Way Through Therapy #107 Flight Frights and Mental Health: A Therapist’s Perspective on Crisis Management

Ever sat in a plane, heart pounding as chaos unfolds around you? Imagine my surprise when a routine flight from LA to Boston morphed into a terrifying ordeal. Join me as I recount an incident involving a disturbed passenger and talk about the emotional turmoil it brought upon me. Despite the panic, it was remarkable to witness the courage of the brave souls on board who managed to keep the situation under control.

However, the incident left me contemplating. Do we do enough to address mental health crises during flight incidents? As a therapist, I've always championed authenticity, striving to maintain my genuineness in every interaction. I examine the concept of 'professionalism', questioning if it's always necessary. Perhaps, in some cases, it even poses a barrier to true human connection. This episode is a blend of my personal reflections and professional insights, inspired by Debbie Ford's book, 'The Dark Side of Light Chasers', a piece of work that has profoundly influenced both my personal and professional life.

You can get “The Dark Side Of Light Chasers” here.

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