Finding Your Way Through Therapy 109: E.109 Walking through Fire: Lynn Kee’s Battle Against Childhood Sexual Abuse

We're privileged to have an extraordinary guest on our show, Lynn Kee, who makes the brave decision to share her life's most challenging experiences. Lynn, a survivor of childhood sexual trauma, offers a chilling recount of her ordeal, unfolding her family's struggle as they grappled with the aftermath of her trauma. Coupled with her own healing journey, she bravely articulates the contrasting paths she and her sister took towards recovery. 

Lynn's story doesn't shy away from the complexities of her relationship with an older mentor who manipulated his way into transforming a platonic mentorship into an inappropriate sexual relationship. Lynn's courage to speak about her own experiences of childhood sexual abuse brings to light the deep-seated guilt and shame she had to confront, and how writing offered a safe haven during her darkest days. 

The conversation takes an introspective turn as Lynn provides a critique on the justice system's handling of rape cases, based on her own painful experiences. With her family's quest for justice leading to re-traumatization, she discusses the disparity in how her grooming case was handled compared to her sister's violent rape case. Lynn's story continues to inspire as she tackles the impact of the sex offender registry board on her life, her sobriety struggles, and the empowering impact of her advocacy work. Join us for the powerful continuation of her story in episode 110.

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