Finding Your Way Through Therapy 111: E.111 Exploring the World of Holistic Therapy with Chris McDonald

Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey with Chris McDonald, a fellow PsychCraft Network podcaster, holistic therapist, yogi meditation teacher, and author. Our conversation delves into the captivating world of holistic therapy, its intersection with traditional practices, and how it aids in achieving mental resolution and growth. An advocate of yoga and meditation, Chris discloses her favorite holistic routines providing intriguing insights into the life of a holistic therapist.

In the episode, we explore the significance of harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit, and the unique experiences of group therapy. Chris illustrates how these collective sessions pave the way for sharing common struggles and identifying unresolved issues. Get ready for a deep dive into various therapeutic modalities such as breath work, meditation, mindfulness, and the much effective grounding techniques. Discover how these methods can help manage anxiety and trigger a sense of safety in the brain.

We round up our conversation by discussing ways to incorporate meditation and yoga into daily routines to achieve better sleep and relaxation. Chris shares snippets from her podcast and her episode about breathwork as a technique for stress reduction. And don't miss out on our next episode featuring Megan Garvey, where we continue to shed light on mental health and substance abuse issues. Remember, this podcast is for your information and entertainment, helping you better understand and navigate the world of mental health.

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