Finding Your Way Through Therapy 112: E.112 Unveiling the Dance of Emotions with Therapist Maegan Garvey

Does the rhythm of our emotions dance to the tune of our body movements? Could dance be the language that helps you connect to your deepest emotions? Meet our fabulous guest Maegan Garvey, a seasoned mental health counselor and a board-certified dance movement therapist, who shares her remarkable journey in the unique field combining dance and therapy. From the drama of dance studios to the intricacies of therapy, Maegan enthralls us with her passion for dance and its therapeutic merits.

Maegan offers pearls of wisdom on the allure of private practice for new therapists, focusing on the freedom it provides in choosing clients and operating on a flexible schedule. She further emphasizes the significance of networking and establishing a nurturing network of like-minded colleagues. Our conversation ventures into the captivating world of movement therapy as an assessment tool, delving into how it aids in fostering a connection with clients and comprehending their emotional state.

Towards the end of our conversation, Maegan candidly discusses the challenges she faced in becoming a business owner and the vitality of maintaining boundaries between therapists and clients. The importance of fostering a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere in therapy resonates strongly in our discourse, mirroring her own practice at New Leaf Counseling LLC. With a plethora of resources at the American Dance Therapy Association, let's join Megan in this enthralling journey of dance and therapy, exploring the depths of human emotions one movement at a time.

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