Finding Your Way Through Therapy 113: E.113 Delving into the Depths of Grief with Gina Moffa

Who says learning can't be made insightful, gripping, and transformative? That's what we aim to embody in every episode, and this particular conversation with Gina Moffa, a New York-based grief and trauma-informed therapist, is no exception. Gina's journey, evolving from a keen interest in international relations and human behavior to becoming a grief therapy specialist, is as fascinating as it is inspiring. She explains the intertwined nature of trauma and grief work, and how therapy can become our mirror, revealing more about ourselves, our misconceptions, and our potential for growth.

Gina's recent venture, a book about grief therapy called “Moving on Doesn’t Mean Letting Go”, is creating waves in the mental health world. She aims to provide a resource that acts as a frontline of therapy and grief-informed treatment, granting people a sense of relief and control. She shares her desire to bridge the access gap to grief therapy for people who may be unable to avail it due to financial or geographical constraints. In an era still grappling with a post-pandemic grief, her insights are a timely, much-needed lifeline.

In the latter part of our discussion, Gina demystifies the complexity of grief, its various forms, and the critical role our brain and nervous system play in processing losses. She underscores the need for a safe space in therapy sessions, emphasizing the importance of client comfort and control. Wrapping up on a positive note, Gina emphasizes the power of gratitude and community-building in facilitating healing and growth. If you've ever wondered about the layers of grief and the path to healing, our conversation with Gina Moffa is a must-listen. You're guaranteed to walk away feeling enlightened and enriched.

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