Finding Your Way Through Therapy 115: E.115 Healing from the Unseen Wounds: A Conversation on Stress and Trauma

Ever felt the grip of overwhelming stress after a traumatic event? On today's episode, your host Steve Bisson walks you through his own personal journey of healing from a distressing flight experience, offering a raw and authentic view into his emotional world post-incident. Tune in as Steve discusses his six-month progress, shedding light on his coping mechanisms, therapy techniques, and the importance of timely intervention to prevent a drift into post-traumatic stress disorder.

On the second leg of our conversation, we navigate the complex waters of acute stress and post-traumatic stress disorders, dissecting their unique characteristics, impacts, and durations. With a mix of personal stories and professional insights, Steve helps unravel these mental health conditions, making this episode a must-listen if you've ever been curious about the differences and similarities. Additionally, we touch upon his family's journey post-incident, offering a broader perspective on the impact of trauma on one's immediate social circle. Embark on this enlightening journey with us as we explore how professional help can significantly alter the course of recovery after traumatic events.

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