Finding Your Way Through Therapy 119: E.119 “First Responders In Crisis” Documentary: Tackling Mental Health Stigma in the First Responder Community

Have you ever wondered about the hidden struggles that first responders face on a daily basis? We sit down with Keith Hanks, a retired firefighter EMT from Massachusetts, Scot Ruggles, a former football coach and actor, Corey Moss, the co-director and producer of the documentary 'First Responders in Crisis'.  We delve into their experiences, shedding light on the mental health struggles they contend with, and how they find resilience amidst the challenges. We also pay homage to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line.

On this journey, we unpack the importance of mental wellbeing in the lives of those who are often seen as invincible. Keith, Scot, and Corey share their personal journeys with mental health, discussing various therapy modalities and coping strategies they have found beneficial. We take a moment to emphasize the need for regular mental health checkups, in similar fashion to annual physicals. We also discuss the documentary 'First Responders in Crisis', a critical documentary that brings the real, raw, and vulnerable experiences of these brave individuals to the forefront.

In addressing the elephant in the room, we tackle the stigma of mental health, especially in the first responder community. We explore the “tough guy” mentality and its impact on mental health, with insights drawn from Gabor Maté's idea of doing certain jobs to “repair our past”.

So, tune in, engage, and let's spark a discussion on the critical issue of mental health among first responders. We believe in the power of shared stories and experiences to drive change and break stigmas. Let this podcast episode be a stepping stone in that journey.

“First Responders In Crisis” will be released October 3rd, 2023 and the trailer is available here

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