Finding Your Way Through Therapy 120: E.120 A Tale of Survival: Navigating Past Abuse, Addiction, and the Justice System

What would you do if you were forced to confront a dark chapter from your past after 15 years? Join us as Lynn Kee, a survivor and embodiment of resilience, opens up about her painful journey towards recovery from childhood sexual abuse and addiction. Lynn dives deep into the legal repercussions she navigated, illustrating how the justice system can, unfortunately, contribute to secondary trauma for survivors. 

Lynn's narrative is a powerful testament to survival and courage. She recounts the chilling moment she encountered her offender, despite having a lifetime stay away order, shedding light on the emotional turmoil and legal complexities involved in such situations. But there's more. Lynn also discusses her struggle with addiction and how navigating the healthcare system became a tumultuous journey layered with additional challenges. She underscores the crucial role of trauma-informed care and the urgent need for specialty case management services for those dealing with similar circumstances. 

Finally, we delve into a heartening discussion about AJ's Way, a beacon of hope in the form of a non-profit organization being set up in remembrance of Lynn's sister, Amanda Hernandez. This initiative aims to support others embarking on their recovery journey. This episode is a riveting collision of trauma, addiction, and legal implications, shining a light on the often overlooked perspectives of survivors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, empathize, and grow alongside Lynn's inspiring story.

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