Finding Your Way Through Therapy 121: E.121 A Journey Through Therapy: Insights from Jenny Helms

Today, we join forces with Jenny Helms, an accomplished therapist and owner of Kansas' largest mental health privateĀ  practice, to traverse the labyrinth of mental health and therapy. In an enthralling conversation, Jenny lays bare her awe-inspiring journey, her notable work in mental health, and her undying resolve to heal trauma and nurture healthier relationships. Connect with us as we both recount our shared experiences of relocating from our original homes and laying down roots in new communities.

Throughout our engaging conversation, we unpack the importance of therapy, shattering the common misconceptions and highlighting the significance of establishing a secure connection with your therapist. Join us as we explore the spectrum of therapy options, emphasizing the pivotal role of feeling secure and connected with your therapist. We also take a deep look at the complexities of trauma healing and the essential role of active participation in your therapy voyage.

In an insightful discussion, we probe into the effect of various factors such as diet, environment, and physical activity on mental health. We also draw a clear line between therapy and coaching, demonstrating the nuances that distinguish the two. As we wrap up, Jenny offers a sneak peek into her promising new virtual coaching group and an upcoming project. Tag along with us in this enriching conversation as we unearth valuable insights about mental health and treatment. Tune in, learn, laugh, and let's unravel the world of mental health together.

You can go here for her website and her new group coaching here.

Her TikTok can be found here.

Her Instagram is found here.

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