Finding Your Way Through Therapy 123: E.123 Exploring the Therapeutic Power of Laughter with Comedian Brad Mastrangelo

Ever found yourself so engrossed in a stand-up comedy performance that you forgot about your worries? That’s the magical therapeutic power of laughter, which we explore with our guest, the hilarious stand-up comedian Brad Mastrangelo. Brad shares amusing anecdotes from his life and his unexpected journey into comedy, starting with a dare that led him onto the stage. You're in for a treat as we get an insider's view into his life and hear some of Brad's funniest jokes.

Comedy is not just about making people laugh, it is also about being sensitive to the audience's feelings and perspectives. Brad gives us a peek into the art of reading a room and adjusting his material accordingly. We also explore the evolving boundaries of what is considered offensive and the fine balance between humor and sensitivity. Together, we unpack the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously and the role politics plays in dividing people.

But, it's not all about the laughs. We switch gears to engage in a thought-provoking discussion about Canadian history, exploring the relationship between French and English Canadians. Drawing from his own experiences, Brad shares how understanding and accepting what we dislike in others can lead to self-acceptance. We wrap up the episode on a high note, discussing comedy therapy and how Brad’s upcoming shows offer an opportunity to connect through humor. So, are you ready for a laugh-filled journey packed with insight, humor, and wit? Join us in our delightful chat with Brad Mastrangelo – where every chuckle teaches you something new.

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