Finding Your Way Through Therapy 125: E.125 Mastering Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation with Psychotherapist Liz Kelly

Do you ever feel like you're running on empty, saying 'yes' to everything and everyone, draining your energy reserves? Join us as we welcome our phenomenal guest, Liz Kelly, a psychotherapist and author who's made it her mission to help others navigate the maze of mental health. With over a decade's experience in the mental health field, her insights on self-care and boundary-setting are a must-hear for anyone feeling the weight of a busy life.

Together, we take a deep dive into the profound effects of self-care, and how the simple act of saying 'no' can recharge us mentally and physically. Liz shares from her wealth of knowledge on mindfulness and emotional regulation, providing practical tips on breathing and grounding exercises. We also explore the notion of being detectives of our own lives, highlighting the importance of holistic self-reflection to unveil the small changes that can drastically improve our mental health. From the basics of eating and sleeping well, to the joys of pursuing a hobby or engaging in a meaningful conversation over coffee, Liz paints a clear picture of the road to better mental health.

Grief, a complex emotion that we all grapple with, is another topic we tackle in our enlightening conversation. Liz lays bare the reality of grief, particularly during the holiday season, and shares her approach to navigating these difficult waters. We delve into the idea of moving forward with grief, not just moving on, and the importance of self-compassion during these times. By the end of our conversation, you’ll come away with valuable tools and insights to help you take charge of your mental well-being. Don't miss this life-changing episode with Liz Kelly.

You can reach her at this link.

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