Finding Your Way Through Therapy 126: E.126 Discover the Therapeutic Potential of Movement with Audrey Albert King, Hosted By Courtney Romanowski

Wondering how to reclaim your physical connection with your body? Or ever thought about the power of nonverbal communication? Today, join us as we learn from Audrey Albert King, an expert in the realm of dance and movement therapy. She's a licensed mental health counselor, board certified dance movement therapist, and certified movement analyst. Together with our fresh voice, co-host Courtney Romanowski, we strive to unwrap the profound mysteries of dance therapy and its immense healing power.

Our journey takes us into the fascinating world of body-centered psychotherapy, dance movement therapy, and kinesthetic awareness. Audrey introduces us to her unique experiences in facilitating dance therapy sessions for people living with dementia. We explore how movement dialogues, breathing exercises, sensing, posture analysis, gesture work and exploration can offer therapeutic relief. And we're not just talking about dancing, we're discussing subtle cues like a simple breath practice that can be as transformative as a full-on dance session. So, tune in and let's navigate the world of dance therapy – a realm where movements speak louder than words.

You can reach Courtney through her website here.

You can reach Audrey at her Psychology Today profile here.

You also can go to the American Dance Therapy  here.

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