Finding Your Way Through Therapy 129: E.129 Favorite S.10 Episode Comedy’s Role in Mental Health: A Talk with Brad Mastrangelo

Have you ever wondered how a dare could transform a person's life? Join us as we sit down with the uproarious Brad Mastrangelo, who shares his unexpected journey into stand-up comedy and how his experiences as a performer, cop cleaner and family man shape his unique brand of humor. We chat and chuckle, reflecting on the joy that humor brings to our lives.

Our conversation takes a thoughtful turn as we explore the therapeutic power of comedy. We delve into how embracing emotional diversity can disrupt the damaging patterns that impair mental health. We share a hearty laugh and insist on the need to lighten up, even during challenging times. We underline the immense value of human connection, emphasizing the journey of self-reflection and personal stories of therapeutic transformation.

Mental health is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean we can't approach it with a sense of humor. We confront the stigma surrounding mental health and therapy, encouraging our listeners to prioritize their wellbeing. As we wrap up, we shift the spotlight back to the vibrant Boston comedy scene and the compelling pull of the stage. We urge you to support local comedy shows and never miss an opportunity to laugh. After all, laughter is the best therapy. 

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