Finding Your Way Through Therapy 130: E.130 Most Popular Navigating Emotions and Finding Joy: Gordon Brewer’s Perspective

Have you ever been curious about the intricate world of therapy? We navigated this fascinating realm with our guest Gordon Brewer, a seasoned therapist who specializes in helping couples and men struggling with sex and pornography addictions. Gordon gave us a unique look into his work and shared insightful life lessons about overcoming addiction, the importance of being present, and the need for therapists to seek their own healing.

In our deeply enriching conversation, we touched on how therapists grapple with the emotional drain of their work. We delved into vicarious trauma and the powerful necessity of self-care within the profession. We also discussed the value of an outside perspective in solving problems created by our minds. This discussion, we believe, can be a valuable lesson not only for therapists but for anyone seeking ways to understand and manage their emotions in a healthier way.

On a lighter note, we pondered over the quest for happiness and meaning in life. Gordon and I revealed the key factors we believe can lead to a fulfilling existence: volunteer work, physical health, connection with others, and our ability to sit with discomfort. We discussed our personal experiences and how simple joys often trump the fear of missing out. We also introduced the Cycraft Network, a community of podcasters in the mental health and self-help genre, which we are both proud to be a part of. Join us as we journey through this enlightening and transformative conversation.

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