Finding Your Way Through Therapy 141: E.141 Discover the Secrets to Peaceful Sleep with Dr. Catherine Darley

Ever toss and turn at night, wondering what eludes you for that perfect slumber? Wake up, sleep enthusiasts, as Dr. Catherine Darley joins us to unravel the mysteries of restorative sleep and how it can dramatically reshape your life. Together, we journey through personal sleep struggles, discuss natural sleep medicine, and celebrate the triumph of greeting the day rejuvenated. Dr. Darley's dedication to sleep science isn't just about the shut-eye; it's about equipping busy professionals and families with the tools for balancing their bustling lives with the peace of a good night's rest.

A good laugh and a long sleep are often hailed as the best cures in the doctor's book, and this episode marries the two as we dissect the bond between sleep and mental health. We'll chat about the allure of quick-fix pills versus the empowering path of managing our health through habits. I'll even get personal, sharing my own therapy journey and how it has helped me forge a healthier relationship with sleep. Additionally, we consider how positive conversations can truly be a balm for the mind, reducing stress hormones and setting the stage for a tranquil retreat into dreamland.

As the stars twinkle outside, we'll share practical nocturnal nuggets, like why those blue light-blocking glasses might just be your new best friend. But it's not just gadgets and gizmos; we touch on the power of light in regulating our sleep-wake cycles and how the right boundaries can keep the boogeyman of stress at bay. For those brave first responders or anyone battling the midnight mind races, we've gathered a treasure trove of strategies for you.

You can do Catherine's course by clicking  SkilledSleeper Course: Transform Your Sleep and Energize Your Days

She also offers a free downloadable guide by clicking  Get your 7 Step Sleep Guide (

She also has a YouTube channel  Be A Skilled Sleeper – YouTube

You can also get her a Substract by clicking Be A Skilled Sleeper | Dr. Catherine Darley | Substack

And here is her Instagram:  Dr. Catherine Darley | Natural Sleep Expert (@skilledsleeper) • Instagram photos and videos

If the night gets too heavy, there's a lifeline at 988. So, tuck in as we offer a heartfelt 'goodnight' and a promise of more enlightening conversations in episodes to come.

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