Finding Your Way Through Therapy 142: E142 The Convergence of Healing and Business with Laura Long

Embark on a journey through the intricacies of therapy and entrepreneurship with me, Steve Bisson, and my esteemed guest, Laura Long. We're tearing down the curtains to reveal the unspoken challenges and triumphs of therapists who are not just clinicians but innovators at heart. Laura, with her vast experience in marriage and family therapy, takes us behind the scenes of her mastermind groups and retreats, offering a fresh perspective on how authenticity shapes the therapeutic journey and powers personal growth.

Grapple with me as I recount the reality of therapy sessions. We're laying it all on the table, from the frustrations with punctuality to the dance of therapist-client dynamics. It's not just a look into the therapist's office—it’s a mirror reflecting our own expectations and the hurdles therapists jump through to deliver care amidst the maze of client numbers and insurance battles.

Finally, we take the plunge into the world of therapist entrepreneurship, where risks are the currency, and innovation is the prize. I peel back the layers of my own ventures into podcasting and authoring, while Laura and I explore the parallels between the strategies of soccer and the agility needed in business. It's not just talk; it's a celebration of the diverse paths that lead to a vibrant and dynamic practice. So, tune in and get ready to be inspired to think differently about therapy, entrepreneurship, and the spaces in between.

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