Finding Your Way Through Therapy 143: E.143 Liz Kelly on How Her New Book “This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy” Can Help You

I know all too well the weight of grief and expectation it can bring. That's why I'm thrilled to have the compassionate Liz Kelly join me, sharing her journey from fundraising to therapy and the wisdom found within her transformative new book, “This Book Is Cheaper Than Therapy.” LIz offers a comforting blueprint for those seeking to redefine their mental health. Liz's insights are a balm for the soul, encouraging us to craft a life experience that aligns with our unique desires for joy and meaning, devoid of non desired societal demands.

This discussion is more than an exploration of Liz's powerful narrative—it's a vessel for change, equipped with practical action items and reflection questions designed to engage and empower our listeners. Each chapter of Liz's book, and consequently our conversation, ends with these thoughtful prompts, inviting you to selectively interact with the content that resonates most deeply. So whether you are thriving in your life right now or in a period of struggle, our episode stands as a testament to the personal liberation that comes from embracing life in a manner that nourishes your heart and your individual story.

To view the Ted Talk referred in this episode, “There is More to Life Than Being Happy”, please click here.

To buy Liz Kelly's book, click here.

Liz Kelly's website can be reached here.

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