Finding Your Way Through Therapy 144: E.144 Exploring Relationship Dynamics and Challenging Patriarchy with Ivanna Colangelo

Embark on an explorative journey with our esteemed guest, Ivanna Colangelo, a licensed marriage and family therapist who brings her vibrant and discerning perspectives to today's pressing relationship issues. As we peel back the layers of patriarchy's influence on our intimate connections, Ivanna's immigrant background and her refreshing take on Instagram provide a lively backdrop for our deep dive into masculinity and the role it plays in shaping the quality of our relationships—and by extension, our lives.

The conversation transitions into the heart of relationship dynamics, tackling the imperfections in communication that are all too human, and the critical nature of repair work to foster reconnection. Ivanna imparts wisdom on emotional intelligence and the fluidity of gender roles, pushing for a world where empathy reigns and traditional stereotypes are challenged. Our dialogue is rich with insights on navigating the intricacies of marriage and family therapy, including the personal growth of therapists themselves, and the balance required when professional knowledge meets personal life.

As we close, we contemplate the generational shift towards authenticity, particularly among younger crowds proactively seeking growth and the maintenance of their relationships. Ivanna's stories from the trenches of therapy rooms highlight an emerging trend: a conscious movement towards understanding and improving oneself before reaching a tipping point. With a raw and relatable approach, this episode is not just a discussion—it's an invitation to reflect on the profound impact our relationships have on our well-being and to engage actively in the shaping of a healthier, more empathetic society.

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