Finding Your Way Through Therapy 152: E.152 Unveiling the Art of Connection Through Dr. Chris Gordon’s Experiences And The Mental Men

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Dr. Chris Gordon's openness about his personal struggles with anxiety and depression  amidst his professional journey adds an irreplaceable depth to our latest podcast episode. As we laugh and learn with the Mental Men, Dennis Sweeney, Andy Kang, Robert Cherney, and Patrick Rice,  we pay tribute to Dr. Gordon's contributions both as a guiding presence and as an advocate for minimizing medication dependency when possible. Our shared stories not only encapsulate the challenges and victories in the realm of mental health but also underscore the power of empathy and lived experience in forging connections with those we aim to support.

Peeling back the layers of what it means to provide emotional support, we revisit the basics of human connection and dive into the world of healing. Tools like the wheel of emotions and EMDR are brought into the spotlight, revealing their roles in guiding first responders and others through the maze of their minds. Humor finds its place as a healing balm, and we celebrate the simple acts of camaraderie, such as a round of golf, that sometimes offer the strongest lifeline amidst life's tempests.

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