Finding Your Way Through Therapy 153: Celebrating Three Years: Podcasting Mental Health, Therapy, And More!

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Raising a glass to three transformative years, I'm inviting you all to join in celebrating the milestones we've shared on this podcasting journey. 

Together, we've crafted a space brimming with enlightening conversations, reaching a staggering 153 episodes and a community that's downloaded our labor of love over 153,000 times. 

I'm pouring out thanks to each of you who've listened, learned, and engaged with us, making every one of those nearly 7,000 minutes count. 

A toast is especially due to our recurring wisdom-sharer, Pat Rice, and all the voices who've offered perspectives that have shaped our collective understanding of therapy, psychology, and the path to personal growth.

A special  thank you goes out to my friend  Courtney Romanowski for her co-hosting several episodes. Her valuable contribution to expressive therapy has opened up many eyes.

Thank you, the listener, who made this all possible.  Having people listen, comment, review, discuss the subjects I bring up makes doing this podcast worthwhile. 

What's up next? Well, I guess you will have to listen to the podcast. 

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