Finding Your Way Through Therapy 154: E.154 Breaking Free from People-Pleasing: Embracing Boundaries and Self-Care

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Ever find yourself saying “sorry” just to keep the peace, even when you've done nothing wrong? That's just one telltale sign of the people-pleaser's dance – a rhythm I know all too well, and one we're stepping out of in our latest podcast episode. We'll navigate the complex journey of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care, sharing stories and strategies to help you shake off the shackles of people-pleasing. We'll laugh about the over-apologetic nature of it all, and I'll get real about how this behavior can drain your emotional reservoir, sparking resentment in relationships and therapy sessions alike.

Join us as we underline the profound impact of assertiveness and the transformative potential of cognitive behavioral therapy. Together, we'll underscore the vital importance of seeking support, whether from professional therapists, close friends, or loving partners, in cultivating a healthier, more authentic life.

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