Finding Your Way Through Therapy 40: E.40: The Ukrainian Invasion And It’s Impact on Service Vets with Jay Ball and Katelyn Dehey

In this very important episode, returning guests Jay Ball and Katelyn Dehey discuss the impact of the War in Ukraine and how it affects so many people. We discuss the images of children crossing the border with no food, who will win, and the possible experiences of refugees based on past wars in the world. We also look at the mental health impact this will have on those fleeing the war torn country.
In addition, we discuss the impact on Veterans, which many first responders are, which can be from a call to go back to serve, to PTSD symptoms, as well as how family members are coping with this stress, including possible call-ups to serve if the war escalades.
We also have a great discussion on diversion courts, particularly Veterans courts, and how it can help veterans find their way.
I need to share the anecdotal story: on the first day we were suppose to record, Jay though it was 7PM. He had read the time of 17:00 but only saw the 7. So we had to reschedule.

You can contact Jay at with any support you might need in regards to Mental Health First Aid, Veterans Court, or any other reasons you feel would help you, including veterans and first responders who may need a friendly chat. 

Katelyn works at Westboro Behavioral Health and will be the lead for the first and last responders component of the program. 

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