Finding Your Way Through Therapy 45: E.45: How Dealing With Your Mental Health Can Benefit You with Coach/Therapeutic Pop Artist Morgan Beard

On this episode,  my guest is Morgan Beard, a creative life coach and therapeutic pop artist. She discusses at great length her childhood, as well as her work in therapy, how to assert your needs with others. Morgan also discusses her career development, from schooling, to her first foray in art therapy, to her coaching business, and her exciting EP Ele.Mental , which will have a full launch 5/29/2022. Morgan was open about many parts of her life and her energy was amazing and contagious.

You can reach Morgan for coaching on her website here

Her first single “Fire” can be found here

Her second single “Water” can be found here

Her Coaching  Instagram can be found here and her Therapeutic Pop Music Instagram can be reached here

Finally, go see her video here.

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