Finding Your Way Through Therapy 47: E.47 The Pandemic And It’s Effect On Social Interactions, Relationships, And Every Day Life With Jenn Nakhai, LICSW

This is the first part of a 2 episode interview with Jenn Nakhai. Jenn discusses her experience in the pandemic, as well as her observations as to how it has effected others, as well as her business. Jenn also discusses the impact of these changes and how it has created lots of emotional and mental health issues. We also discuss the future of therapy, as well as how to adapt.

Jenn has over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, fulfilling roles from clinical staff to management, program development & program evaluation, as well as holding a role in the North Shore Latino Business Association’s Board of Directors and in the National Association for Social Worker’s (NASW) Board of Directors – MA chapter.  Jenn has nurtured her clinical practice with Spanish speaking populations and now practices independently in Massachusetts. As a clinician, she is committed to diversity, evidence based practice, and encouraging organizations to invest in their workforce to create healthy organizational cultures. Jenn values integrity, critical thinking, and a bio-psycho-social view of integrated patient care.

You can find her counseling website here .

You can find her Instagram here and here .

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