Finding Your Way Through Therapy 48: E.48 Why We Need To Challenge Our Own Views And Self-Bias With Jenn Nakhai, LICSW

In this episode, we invite Jenn Nakhai back for a follow-up on our last episode. We actually briefly touch on our original subject, which was the effect of the pandemic and the impact on substance use issues, which includes a spike in fatal overdoses, but we deviated and we talked about racism, sexism, and how we can change our pre-conceived notions and bias.

Talking about misogyny and racism in a smart, intelligent way can be difficult but Jenn did an excellent job at presenting it so we can address these social injustices, as well as how our brains processes that information.   We needed to look at it so we can move forward and accept that discourse, challenging ourselves can lead to forward thinking. 

You can find her counseling website here .

You can find her Instagram here and here .

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