Finding Your Way Through Therapy 53: E.53 Mental Health Informed First Responders With Jay Ball And Katelyn Dehey

On the premiere episode of season 5, returning guests Sgt. Jay Ball and Katelyn Dehey discuss a range of subjects, including partial hospitalization, as well as intensive outpatient, why first responders need a specialized group. We also have a great conversation about the removal of civil liberties when homicide and suicide is present, how it has evolved over the years in the mental health and community justice fields, the challenges of working with state agencies, including the coordination of services. We also discuss the difficult situations where first responders are second guessed in situations where a split second decision must be made and how that differs from other jobs. We also briefly discuss the co response model again and the advantages we all see with this intervention.

Jay can be reached at

Katelyn works at Westboro Behavioral Health and facilitates the FRST responders group and can be found here.

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