Finding Your Way Through Therapy 55: E55: The Complexity Of Crisis Mental Health Work With Cara Tirrell and Bill Dwinnells

In episode 55, Bill Dwinnells and Cara Tirrell are back (click here to find their first appearance) to discuss mental health crisis work. Interchangeably called many things, emergency services for mental health is a crucial part of our system. Bill and Cara describe the importance of this system, how it can lead to proper placement for treatment, the experience and stress that it can occur for both the clients and the emergency services worker. Cara and Bill also discuss how it lead to understanding more about the proper use of the suspension of civil liberties and how it is a delicate balance. They also describe how crisis teams coordinate everything from the “pink paper”, to the interview, to the emergency department staff, to the insurance company, all the way to the proper service for the client's mental health needs.

We also discuss our own experiences, how this experience changed us, how we have developed invaluable skills, as well as the challenges for the current crisis team due to the pandemic and resource issues, while suggesting some ideas for those issues.

You can reach Bill Dwinnells' website here.

You can Cara Tirrell's website here

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