Finding Your Way Through Therapy 56: E.56: Neurology, Spirituality, The Law Of Attraction and Assumptions With Lisa Dennis

In this episode, we welcome back Lisa Dennis, who was involved in episode 8. This time, we talk about spirituality, neurology, the law of assumption and attraction, self-concept, and trauma and how they are all related. It is sometimes hard to see how spirituality is an essential part of healing your mental health but Lisa discusses how this has happened in her own life, as well as how our own narrative and self-concept can play against what you truly what you want to heal. We also discuss different authors which I have attached here below.

Woohoo stuff can also be based on neurology and psychology and this discussion really reflects that.   

Abraham Hicks can be found here

Neville Goddard can be found here

The Alchemist can be purchased here

Dr. Masaru Emoto can be found here

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