Finding Your Way Through Therapy 57: E.57 Why Your Burn-Out Badge Of Honor Is Wrong With Stephanie Simpson

In this episode, first time guest Stephanie Simpson discusses a variety of subjects, including stress, burnout, and trauma. Throughout the interview, Stephanie discusses how all these things can be addressed through a variety of techniques. Stephanie also discusses how authenticity has a huge part in our trauma-informed ways, as well as the connection to the mind-body-spirit can benefit us. Stephanie also discusses her dance and movement work with a wide variety of clients and how it has assisted them in ways that go beyond therapy, including their relationships, as well as their work.

Stephanie shared her experiences in therapy, including her experience in the entertainment industry, sports treatment.   She also discusses her work on trauma-informed leadership and conscious leadership. Stephanie also talks about how having more choices can lead to a better self and how she incorporates all of the above in her Leadership Workshops. 

Stephanie can be reached via her website here.

Her Instagram account can be found here and her Facebook account can be accessed here.

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