Finding Your Way Through Therapy 59: E.59 A Personal Account On Hospitalization, Trauma, Dissociation With E.Jill Riley

In this episode, I speak to E.Jill Riley. Jill is born in Korea and raised in North Idaho. She went to college in Seattle and met her husband and then moved to Montana. She was a pastor in 3 different churches for 30 years. She shares her story of her adoptive families and how her adoptive mother abandoned her and was a victim of sexual and physical abuse, as well as neglect. She shares her experiences with the mental health system after having a breakdown 7 years ago. She discusses attachment, mental health accessibility, as well as how she searched for safety and a way to express her difficult journey in the mental health system.

Jill's podcast, Post Traumatic Faith, can be found here.

You can also reach her, via her website here.

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