Finding Your Way Through Therapy 60: E.60 Isolation, Mental Health, And Neurological Wiring Of Entrepreneurs With Carolina Guttierrez

In this episode, I speak to Carolina Guttierrez. Carolina discusses her journey in her education, as well as career as an entrepreneur. She discusses her own journey around shame and doubt, which led her to therapy and realize the pitfalls of being a founder. She also created an amazing coaching program called “Soul Circles”, which has help many entrepreneurs realize the importance of mental health awareness for themselves and their enterprises. 

Carolina is a serial entrepreneur that runs 3 businesses and started her first when she was 12 years old. As a mental wellness advocate for business owners, she was diagnosed ADHD in her 30’s has since used her past difficulties to fuel her current business endeavors around the purpose of prioritizing mental wellness in business. Having turned her struggle into a passion she is on a mission to highlight the realities of entrepreneurship on our mental health; by helping dispel stigmas surrounding neurodiversity and empowering business owners to embrace their difference, find their superpower. 

Carolina can be reached on her website here.

You can also book her here.

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