Finding Your Way Through Therapy 61: E.61 What Does Your Shadow Say About You With Catherine Demonte

In this episode, we talk to Catherine Demonte. Catherine brings us on a journey in her career, from her work on narratives, to working with the deaf population, which led her to her current work with manifestation and attraction. Catherine brings up the limitation that we sometimes encapsulated in our manifestation and attraction of things we want, and her book “Beep! Beep! Get Out Of My Way! Seven Tools For Powerful Creation and Living Your Unstoppable Life” . She also discusses Jung's Shadow work and how important it is to recognize what it means and how to work with it.

Catherine DeMonte is a licensed Psychotherapist in Southern California, Reiki Practitioner, author, and creator of 8-session small-group Abundance Circles where she shares powerful tools for attracting what people have been longing to attract into their lives but which have remained elusive to them. For years she has seen these tools call into her clients' and students' lives *exactly* what they longed to attract.

Her website can be found here.  Links to her Abundance Circles, as well as her book can be found there.

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