Finding Your Way Through Therapy 62: Episode 62: Recovery, Sobriety, And Climbing With Rachel Fletcher

On episode 62, we chat with Rachel Fletcher about recovery, sobriety, and climbing mountains. Rachel shares her story of recovery and how she has gone from losing her dad to suicide at age 5, to a fulfilling life of recovery and climbing mountains. We discuss also her tattoo shop, her treatment center “Moving Mountains Recovery”, and the modalities used to help individuals who attend. We also discuss the importance of peer support and our own individual growth.


Rachel Fletcher has been in recovery for over 5 years. She owns a large tattoo studio in South Florida, and is the community liaison for Moving Mountains Recovery. She is also an avid Rock climber who advocates for its benefits with your recovery and mental health.


Her website can be found here . Her email is Mountains Recovery can be reached at (888) 594-4925.     


She also run a climbing page called “climbingwithb00bs” that can be found here .

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