Finding Your Way Through Therapy 65: Episode 65: My Favorite (Expletive Deleted) Episode With Susan Roggendorf

 My favorite episode this season was an amazing, animated, and informative conversation with Susan Roggendorf. We discuss a variety of subjects, including heterosexual norms, LGBTQIA+ community, as well as first responders and her work with this population. We talk about our experiences in the ER, Susan explains how she has decided to challenge all the norms so that she can be herself.  We also discuss the current political issues going on currently and how to be more hands on and can make a difference via social justice.

 Susan Roggendorf is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Illinois and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa. She's the LGBTQ+ owner of Coffelt Counseling Services in the Quad Cities. Susan works with folks living with anxiety in her LGBTQIA2s+ community. and with First Responders grappling with anxiety as well as other life issues. When not in her garden or busy annoying her adult kids, she's hosting and producing her own podcast, F*ck The Rules.

You can find her podcast here.

You can reach her practice here.

You can find her Instagram here.

Finally, you can visually see this interview here.

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