Finding Your Way Through Therapy 66: Episode 66: Why Whales Are A Great Model For Humans With Pat Rice and Kerry Keegan

In this episode, we talk with new guest, Kerry Keegan and returning guest Pat Rice discuss their relationship, going back to when Pat lived in Maine, as well as her 2 near death experiences (NDE), quantum healing, the healing effects of whales, as well as fear and authenticity. Kerry and Pat both share their life experience in this great exchange.


Pat is 73 years old, clean and sober 35 years, and a practicing psychotherapist 31 years. Specialties were dual diagnosis, trauma and intervention and treatment. In recent years, he has had spiritual growth, grief and loss, wellness aging and the process of dying to this life and returning to the Spirit 5th dimension and above.


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Kerry Keegan is an author and pioneer in energy medicine, working as an intuitive, astrologer, teacher, metaphysician and certified quantum biofeedback practitioner specializing in multi-species collaboration, and higher consciousness realities. She is a graduate of Bard College where she earned a degree in the History and Philosophy of Science. Kerry lives at home in Maine, where she raised her 3 sons. In 2011 Kerry began conversing and collaborating with our planetary elders, the humpback whales on the inner planes. Kerry shares this wisdom through her children's books, personal readings and zoom classes.


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