Finding Your Way Through Therapy 70: E.70 Is Peer Support The Answer For The Mental Health Of First Responders and Veterans? Jay Ball And Katelyn Dehey Explore The Answer.

In this episode, returning (regular?) guests Katelyn Dehey and Jay Ball discuss a slew of issues for first responders, including the mental health of first responders, how we can possibly lift it with two solutions that we explore in depth: peer support or just calling it a health issue. Jay and Katelyn bring their insight on the subject, as well as their experience in their professional lives, as well as their teachings to first responders. We also discuss trauma, as well as the cultural competency of the mental health treaters.

Katelyn is currently the Lead Clinician at Westborough Behavioral Health Outpatient Services, with a focus on first/last responders. She is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician and certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Previously, Katelyn worked for Advocates for 7.5 years, first as a co-response clinician in Framingham on the 4-12 shift for 4 years and she then helped to launch  the first and only Co-Response Training and Technical Assistance Center(CR-TTAC) in MA, which she managed for 3.5 years. Katelyn's previous experience includes residential behavioral management, supported housing case management, psychopharmacology research, and substance abuse/mental health treatment within the correctional setting.

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