Finding Your Way Through Therapy 75: E.75 Life Stages And Podcasting With Lisa Mustard

In this episode, Lisa Mustard talks about her life experiences that led her to be the person she is today. From her days working in colleges and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to her work today as a podcaster, therapist, and  coach, Lisa shows vulnerability about her life events that formed the strong woman she is today.

Lisa Mustard is a LMFT and Coach in South Carolina. Wife to Billy and mom to 2 girls, she has been practicing since 2006 and has worked with a military branch for the past 10 years. 3 years ago, she decided to start a podcast after sitting in a conference for 2 days straight. (I'll share more of that story in the episode if that's ok.) She creates continuing education for therapists via podcasting…aka podcourses. She also coaches women experiencing midlife struggles. When not seeing clients or working on her podcast, she chauffeurs her daughters to volleyball practice and games, hits up the gym or explores the gorgeous South Carolina hiking trails with her husband.

You can reach Lisa here.

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