Finding Your Way Through Therapy 97: E.97 Love, Courage, Selflessness In The Face Of Tragedy With Pavel Ythjall

In this episode, we speak to Pavel Ythjall. His story brings you through a slew of emotions, from sadness, to anger, to surprise, to hope, and everywhere in between. His emotional story was so awe-inspiring, it brought tears to my eyes. 

A tragic accident on the way to a Christmas party changed Pavel and Kat's lives forever. After just a year of marriage, Pavel found himself staring into the eyes of a neurosurgeon who told him point-blank: “Your wife will be paralyzed, neck down, for life.” At the time, Pavel had a broken neck too. His vertebrae were supported by a halo screwed directly into his skull. 

He shares his story, pre- and post-accident, as well as his wife's road to recovery.

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