Finding Your Way Through Therapy 98: #98 Podcasts, Neurology, Private Practice, And Networking: How Gordon Brewer Makes It Work Together

In this episode, I talk to Gordon Brewer. He talks about how he decided to become a therapist, his upbringing, his family, as well as his highly successful PsychCraft Network, which I joined a few weeks ago. Gordon also talks about neurology and how it relates to the brain. I truly enjoyed our conversation on spirituality, starting a business of any kind and how difficult and fulfilling (yes both) it can be.

Gordon is the voice behind the Practice of Therapy Podcast and blog which provides resources for clinicians in private practice. He is also group practice owner in Kingsport, TN.  He is a licensed marital and family therapist with 20 plus years experience in the field.  Gordon loves helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives and relationships. He is also the founder of the PsychCraft Network of podcasts and has another podcast called the Kindness and Compassion Podcast.

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