Finding Your Way Through Therapy 99: #99 How Does Substance Use Treatment Could Look Like With Sarah Cloud

In this episode, my former supervisor Sarah Cloud comes on and discusses her relationship with me, how we worked together, but more importantly, the change that needs to occur in the substance use world so that we can discuss treatment in a different way, navigating the ressources effectively, the stigma that the medical world can also impose on substance use, as well as partnering in the community.  We also discuss her Bulldog Running Club, exercise, and her writing career.

Sarah A. Cloud, MBA, MSW, LICSW, received a Master of Social Work from Boston College School of Social Work in 1996 and Master of Business Administration from Isenberg School of Management in 2018. During her career, Sarah has been recognized for her leadership through awards for improving access to treatment for Latino & Brazilian communities, suicide prevention for elders, opioid epidemic and community justice.  She has specialized in the development of innovative programs, healthcare integration and interagency partnerships, and has lectured on those topics at national conferences.  Sarah serves as a Board Member for the Boston Bulldog Running Club, a wellness community for people in recovery, affected by addiction and treatment providers; and PCO Hope, drop in centers providing a safe gateway to substance use information, resources, support and hope for individuals and their loved ones; Sarah has been the Director of Social Work at Beth Israel Deaconess-Plymouth since 2015 and published author of children books on grief and loss related to the opioid epidemic.

Sarah's book can be purchased here.

The Boston Bulldogs Running Club can be found here.

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