Finding Your Way Through Therapy E.110 Courage Amidst Trauma: Finding Healing Through Substance Abuse Struggles

Imagine not only surviving the horrific experience of childhood rape but also courageously seeking justice for that crime. Our guest, Lynn Key, brings us into her world as she shares the daunting realities of this journey, and the shocking revelation that justice doesn't always pave the way for healing. Our candid discussion with Lynn exposes the secondary trauma of the justice process and the importance of trauma-informed care, especially when dealing with differing rape situations.

Beyond her traumatic past, Lynn opens up about her struggles with substance abuse, a common coping mechanism for trauma survivors. She shares the harrowing story of her sister's battle with addiction and the resulting tragic consequences, a stark reminder of the critical importance of mental health resources. Journey with us as we explore the distinct connection between trauma and substance abuse, and how therapy and proper support play crucial roles in healing and recovery.

As we wrap up this two-part series (and we will have a third part next season), Lynn reveals the aftermath of her sister's fatal battle with addiction, a devastating result of unaddressed trauma, and a failing support system. Lynn's commitment to advocating for survivor protections and raising awareness about the impact of trauma on survivors' lives is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as we delve into the complex, heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful narrative of survival and resilience.

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