Finding Your Way Through Therapy E.116 Most Downloaded: The Dance of Therapy: Megan Visconti’s Inspiring Journey

You won't want to miss our eye-opening chat with Megan Visconti, the former dancer who danced her way into the world of dance movement therapy. Let her inspiring journey move you as she leaps fearlessly into the trials and triumphs of launching her own private practice – all while juggling wedding planning and house hunting. Find out how she copes with stress and keeps her life in balance, turning to therapy as much-needed maintenance during even the most joyful life changes.

Ever wondered about the inside workings of a private therapy practice? Megan busts some myths and shares a raw, real look at the benefits and hurdles that come with the territory. You'll hear all about the crucial role of networking, boundaries setting, and how to pick the right clients. She also takes us behind the scenes of her unique approach to therapy, revealing how body language and micro-expressions help her understand her clients better. 

Megan's journey is not just about dance or therapy, but a constant evolution, a testament to personal and professional growth. As she talks about the constant process of reinventing oneself and the importance of setting goals, you'll be inspired to embrace your own challenges and use them as motivation. Her transition from dancer to therapist is a valuable lesson on career reflections and choice considerations that are often overlooked. And just when you think it can't get any more interesting, she leaves you hanging with a teaser about her favorite episode. Join us for this invigorating conversation, and let's dance through therapy with Megan Visconti.

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