Finding Your Way Through Therapy E.131 Best Of The Year: Breaking the Myths of Therapy and Grief with Gina Moffa

Ever wondered how navigating the realms of grief and trauma can shape and inspire personal growth? Join us as we unravel this complex journey with our esteemed guest, Gina Moffa, a grief and trauma-informed therapist, based in the heart of New York City. In an intimate discussion, Gina shares riveting insights from her latest book, “Moving On Doesn't Mean Letting Go,” while revealing the often overlooked connection between therapy and learning. Unearth the unique relationship between a therapist and client, experience the monumental role of personal development, and challenge societal pressures surrounding grief and loss.

Grief, an intricate part of the human experience, often leaves a significant impact on mental health. In this season, we bring this experience to light as Gina and your hosts, both therapists with diverse personal narratives, discuss the importance of maintaining an ongoing relationship with a therapist, debunking the myth of therapy as a quick fix. Amidst a global pandemic that has rocked our collective mental health, we also share our journey of crafting a book on grief, striking a balance between acknowledging its endlessness and providing practical tools for navigating through it. We create a safe space for candid conversations, discussing the multifaceted layers of grief, its individual impacts, and the necessity of finding appropriate coping mechanisms and support.

As we conclude this enlightening season, we eagerly anticipate Dr. Hayden Duggan's interview in the upcoming year. Let us remember to take care of our mental health, particularly during the festive season. If you're battling mental health or substance abuse issues, we strongly urge you to seek professional help. You are not alone. Stay connected, share your stories, and help us cultivate a supportive community. Cheers to another season of growth, warmth, and shared stories!

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