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Empower Your Mind: The 30-Day Journey to Mental Clarity

If you’re someone who struggles with journaling, you’re not alone. Many people may find it challenging to sit down and write about their thoughts and feelings. Perhaps you’ve tried multiple times to keep a journal, but the habit never sticks. Or maybe you simply don’t know how to get started without feeling overwhelmed.
Welcome to a life-changing adventure that promises to empower your mind and develop the emotional management you have been looking for. Introducing “The 30-Day Journey to Mental Clarity,” a groundbreaking journal designed for individuals eager to enhance their mental well-being and develop the skills to journal for themselves in the future.
In this remarkable journal, Steve Bisson, a therapist and coach with over 20 years of experience, presents journal prompts to achieve mental clarity. With a carefully curated 30-day program, readers will embark on a transformative journey, exploring innovative questions and ways to overcome challenges and embrace journaling like never before.

Finding Your Way Through Therapy: A Navigation Tool for Therapists & Clients

Finding Your Way Through Therapy: A Navigation Tool for Therapists and Clients by Steve Bisson is designed to be an effective tool for both therapists and clients regarding the trials and tribulations of therapy. Therapy is much more complex than many make it out to be: it’s not all just laying on a couch and speaking to a Sigmund Freud look alike. As readers travel through all 12 chapters, they will gain a deeper knowledge, whether as client or therapist, on how to gain the most out of therapy. Not only will this book help the client understand themselves, it will also help them understand why their therapist might react the way they do during a session. Likewise for the therapist, this book will remind them the importance of looking at every client as a different person and adapt their work to their needs. Regardless, it’s important that the client-therapist relationship is a great match. Reading through this book will help give clients and therapists the resources they need to make that process easier and successful.